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Kenny’s Journal: July 20th – Adoption Day!

Little did Kenny know, when he jumped into the truck today, that he would be going home with his forever family. The girls and Kenny’s foster Dad gave him a kiss goodbye and he and Charlie jumped into the truck. If he’s curious about the bag containing his blanket, food, treats and a toy – he doesn’t show it. He falls asleep the minute we hit the freeway.

He is excited to be at the rescue, but still hasn’t figured out how to jump out of the back seat. So, I crawl in and carry him out. (I found out my carrying Kenny like that was what first “sold” his new mom on him when they first visited the rescue on July 9th!). His new parents have been following his progress through the blog and emails to me, but they haven’t seen him in person since he was so scared on that first visit. They are very pleased to see he is much more outgoing, and will even take a treat from them.

He sits nicely to receive his new collar – a new one from the Harley Davidson store. Very appropriate, since his new name will be Harley. We sign a little paperwork, they make a donation to the rescue, and Kenny is on his way to his forever home. I heard from his new parents later that night; he sat on his mom’s lap and slept soundly the whole ride home.

We had two other adoptions that same day, so I didn’t have time to think too much about him after they left. It always kind of “hits me” when I drive home with only Charlie in the truck. We will miss him, he is a sweet, awesome boy. However, his dad promises to update the blog every now and then, and we can’t wait to hear how well he’s doing!

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