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Kenny’s Journey: July 13 – Sneaky Kenny

We went to the rescue again today. Wednesdays are not as busy, and Kenny felt comfortable enough to roam the field part of the time, and even chase Charlie around a bit. Since the chase took them through the mud, both dogs went straight to the shower after we got home. I went in with them and closed the door. I threw both of their collars over the glass door along with my own muddy clothes (don’t worry, this story is very G-rated).
After washing the dogs, they were toweled dry and the towels went into the same heap next to the shower door. Charlie and Kenny bolted out, happy to be away from the shower. Not 30 seconds later, I see a black dog crouched low to the ground, sneaking around the corner, coming back into the bathroom. Kenny picks up the towel with his teeth, looks left then right, and backs out of the bathroom. Okay that was kind of cute, but then he comes back in and does it again with the next towel! Seconds later, he’s back for the first dog collar, then my clothes. One piece at a time, he steals everything from the bathroom floor and takes it away. Each time he picks up something, he looks both ways before sneaking out. Somehow, he can’t even see me behind the glass shower door!
I find everything scattered across my bedroom after I get out of the shower – nothing is chewed or mutilated, just moved. Charlie’s collar is on Charlie’s bed. I don’t know if Kenny is redecorating, telling me I should clean up after myself better, or just having fun in his own unique way, but he sure gave me a good laugh!

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