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Kenny’s Journey: July 19 – Just an ordinary day

Kenny is just having a regular day. Doing regular dog stuff. He is now playing with Charlie a little instead of just following her – much to Charlie’s delight! He nibbles on her ears and chases her around the yard. He will go out in the yard and explore – and I don’t even have to be standing out there with him. I noticed at one point today, that Kenny was missing. It is his habit to follow me from room to room, although he will sit with the girls in the t.v. room occasionally. I called his name and whistled and he slowly comes into the kitchen. I haven’t seen this look on his face before, but it is the unmistakable look of doggy guilt. We take a tour around the house. There, in the living room, we find it – the remnants of a flip-flop. He gets scolded (not too much though, his big eyes get me every time).

Yep, he’s looking more and more like a regular dog every day.

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