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Kenny’s Journey: July 8th

Today, Kenny decides to be my shadow. He still doesn’t like for me to reach down to him, but he will gladly come over when I crouch down on the ground. His big brown eyes search my hands whenever I do – he has discovered the power of the treat.

He’s had no accidents in the house and seems to have figured out he can come to me for a treat after “good potty”. We are trying to use his name as much as possible – we wouldn’t want him to think his name is “good potty” – although that is one of our most important missions right now! He will go every time we take him outside, so if he has an accident in the house at this point, we forgot to take him out.

He seems to have no problem with us sitting next to him on “base” today and is enjoying the scratches behind his ears.. I know I should shoo him off the couch, but right now it is his safe zone. We’ve covered it with what is now Kenny’s blanket. He sleeps on this blanket in the kennel, too. Kenny’s blanket will go with him to his forever home someday – it’s a ritual we’ve had with each of our foster dogs. We like to send a little piece of our home with them when they go. It’s hard to loose them, but each foster dog finds a great forever family and we can help another dog like Kenny.

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