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Kissable Kermit Is Adopted!

Kermit hit the jackpot! Stefan and Lauren are repeat adopters. They adopted April back in 2014, and added her to their family which included their male GSP, Handsome, and their cat, Silky. The transition with April was seamless, and after recently moving to a home with a larger yard that would accommodate another dog, they decided it was time to adopt another.

Their wish list was for a dog that would do well with both April and Handsome, and of course their cat, Silky. We had recently brought in a dog right around the time they reached out to us. After evaluating him, Kermit seemed to be just the dog to introduce them to that fit that bill. He was found as a stray, and taken to a remote shelter. We were scratching our heads as to why he wasn’t claimed at the shelter. He got along great with all the other dogs we introduced him to, and he passed the cat test with flying colors. We were thrilled to have found a good fit for Stefan and Lauren, and they were excited to meet Kermit. And when they did, there was no doubt he was joining their family.

“Kermit now known as Bevers has been living with us for a while now.  He joined two other GSP’s (Handsome and April aka Nipsy) as well as a cat named Silky.  He and his friends spend the day chasing critters around the yard and other fun dog stuff.  He runs around most of the day and at night he is tuckered out.  He has adjusted quite well, and he enjoys being part of our pack.  A tired GSP is a good GSP”!!

We are very grateful to Stefan and Lauren for coming back to adopt another dog to add to their family. We couldn’t be happier for everyone. 

When Stefan reached out to us about the upcoming “Pucker Up For Pointers Event”, we told him we needed a dog for our kissing booth. He told us “Kermit is your dog. He loves to give kisses ALL the time”. 

Come out and meet Kermit and get your kiss at this Saturday’s “Pucker Up For Pointers” Picnic and Fundraising event!


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