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Klaus aka Blitz is Safe!

Klaus_A1725687aW29The emails about a 13 year old German Shorthaired Pointer being turned into the shelter by his owner began circulating last Friday, the day he was turned in, thanks in large part to another dog rescuer being present at his intake and sharing the story. Had this been at any one of the other high kill shelters, this would have likely been an immediate death sentence for Klaus as he never would been listed as available for adoption.

What few dog owners that relinquish their dogs to shelters don’t seem to realize is that there is a low percentage of “happy endings” for their dogs when they drive away. The older the dog, the fewer “happy endings” as most will be euthanized. While this particular shelter has a reputation for a higher adoption rate, it is still a very dangerous place for a Senior GSP.

California GSP Rescue didn’t waste any time. Fortunately, with a few volunteers in the area, we were were able to pull Klaus on Saturday and arrange a transport on Sunday.

A big thanks to Volunteers John, Teri, Fiona, James and Greg for springing into action so quickly.  John and Teri for getting to the shelter to make sure Klaus was safe; and then taking care of Klaus his first night out of the shelter before beginning his transport the next morning; Fiona and James for taking Klaus on the second leg, and Greg for helping transport Klaus the rest of the way. A very special thanks to Volunteers Fiona and Teri for spending part of their Mother’s Day helping transport Klaus.

Blitz has been renamed Klaus, which literally means “victory of the people”, in honor of all the people disturbed that Klaus would be left at a shelter and notified us that he needed rescuing, in addition to the people who volunteered their time taking care of and helping transport Klaus after he left the shelter.

As an all volunteer organization, we rely solely on these individuals who choose to make a difference by dedicating their time to rescue German Shorthaired Pointers.

This isn’t the end of Klaus’s story. Since we are a rescue and not a sanctuary, you’ll see much more of Klaus in the coming weeks as we look for that special person to provide Klaus a forever home.

Klaus is going to need some medical attention, and being an all volunteer organization, in situations like this, we need to ask for your help.  You can make a one time donation towards Klaus’ medical bills, or you can sponsor Klaus by making a monthly donation towards his care while waiting to find his new forever family.  Thank you for your continued support to allow us to continue to save GSP’s like Klaus.

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