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Koa is Adopted!

Koa certainly hasKoa Nathan Kristen had some very special people in his life. First, was Josh and Brittany – fosters and adopters from the Rescue – who found him while out in the wilderness. He was so scared and timid it took HOURS to “catch” him and take him home. Next, the volunteers at the Rescue used plenty of patience, love and experience to coax him out of his kennel each day so that he could enjoy playing with the other dogs and learn to trust humans. And, finally, the most important special people of all – his adopters! ¬†Kristin and Nathan came to visit the rescue one day and saw a timid¬†Koa hiding from the crowd. They spent time with him and thought he was quite special and sweet; they went home and carefully considered whether they were up to the challenge of helping Koa reach his potential.

Koa’s luck continued as Nathan and Kristin decided he was the dog for them! They wrote us shortly after adopting to tell us how amazing he’s been and how quickly he is learning. He attached to them very quickly and is learning to be comfortable around strangers as well. Much to our delight, they made the trip back to the Rescue a few weeks after adoption to show us his progress. Although still a little shy, it was easy to see how well he’s done in their care!

We are so grateful for all of the special people who have helped Koa, now Grommit, along the way, but mostly Nathan and Kristin, who continue to be his champions and are teaching him all the joys of being a dog!


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