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Kobe is Safe!

Kobe_R-5_w64Earlier this week, Kobe was in a home with several other dogs most likely not getting the attention or exercise he needed. Perhaps his family realized he needed more than they could give him and that is why they dropped him off at the shelter or maybe it was just easier dealing with one less dog at the house.

We probably won’t ever know the answer but fortunately for Kobe, one of the shelter techs got word to California GSP Rescue that they had a GSP needing to be placed. Knowing how valuable space is at a shelter and that situations can change on a daily basis, the volunteers at California GSP Rescue sprung into action. Calls were made and within a short time plans were made to get Kobe to safety. Yesterday, Kobe was rescued and got one step closer to his forever home.

A big thanks to Shelter Tech Rachael and the volunteers at California GSP Rescue that made this happen. Check back here soon for more information on Kobe.

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