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Lady Bird is Safe!

LadybirdSaturday, several weeks ago, was an especially busy day for Lady Bird. Early in the morning she left the Sacramento Shelter where she had been turned in a few weeks prior by her owner stating he could no longer afford to keep her. Shelters aren’t ideal places for adult dogs as there aren’t a lot of adopters looking for anything other than the younger more adoptable dogs. Fortunately for Lady Bird, NorCal Volunteer Robin had her eye on Lady Bird and let California GSP Rescue know that she needed to be pulled. Once California GSP Rescued committed to taking her, NorCal Transport Coordinator Lisa, started looking for how to get her to Southern California.

A few days later, transport arrangements were made. Early in the morning, Volunteer Jessie, picked up Lady Bird from the shelter and took her to the local airport where she met up with Pilot Rod, who volunteers with Pilots and Paws. Rod then flew her to Bakersfield. In Bakersfield, the plan was for Rod to hand off Lady Bird to Eric and his Dad Craig who originally had made plans to fly but with inclement weather, Eric and Craig made the decision to drive up to meet Rod and bring her back to the LA area and one step closer to her forever home.

A big thanks to everyone that helped get this sweet GSP named Lady Bird to Southern California and one step closer to her forever home.

While the transport arrangements were being made, Lady Bird had been taken to the shelter’s Vet that expressed concern over the growths on her mammary glands and recommended she see a Vet when she arrived at her destination. Once she arrived, California GSP Rescue got Lady Bird to Dr Kang who removed several growths and had them biopsied.   We’re happy to report that the growths were benign and Lady Bird has recovered from her surgery. She is just as sweet as ever – look for her bio post soon.

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