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Lady Visits 15 States

Lady_2013 vacaation 024[2]Dee & Bruce adopted Lady 6 years ago and recently sent us in an update on their adventures last summer. Dee wrote the following:

“Lady is such a joy and loves her travels with us. In this picture, she is checking out Glacier National Park. This was taken last summer when we visited 15 states over almost three months. She has had her head and sometimes most of her body in many holes chasing everything from ground crawdads to moles in almost every state we visited.

Everywhere she goes Lady charms her human acquaintances. Here in Havasu she has many two and four legged friends and exchanges visits with them frequently. Each day she and Bruce wander down the canyon on their morning search for lizards and bunnies. In just a few weeks, we will be taking the trailer to Camp Verde which is located exactly in the middle of Arizona. We plan to split our time between the cooler climate there and Havasu through September. The park we are staying in has a stream, a nice stand of trees to explore, a fenced dog park, and lots of places nearby for all of us to visit.

Once again, thank you so much for rescuing this wonderful girl…and allowing us to make her part of our family.
Hugs, Dee, Bruce and of course LadyDog”

We love hearing from adopters updating us on the adventures they are having with their GSP. Dee’s update is a great reminder for everyone to consider including your GSP in your summer plans. Thanks Dee & Bruce. We can’t wait to hear about your adventures this summer with Lady!

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