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Layla Is Adopted!

Layla is AdoptedLayla and her sister Kizzy came to the California GSP Rescue after their owner had a health issue and could no longer care for them. For several weeks a family member attempted to care for both dogs but struggled with giving them the attention and exercise they needed. They reached out to California GSP Rescue realizing that Layla and Kizzy would do better with someone more familiar with the breed. While both girls are sweet with pleasant dispositions, they were a little reserved when first meeting new people. We knew each would need to go to a special home that would appreciate the mellow energy of an adult GSP while working with their individual needs. 

When a Scott, a repeat adopter, inquired about an adult female on the rescue’s website that had recently been adopted, we felt certain that he would be perfect home for Layla. He had experience working with GSPs in need and was committed to seeing they adapted. Scott, after submitting an adoption application, came out to meet Layla with Eva, the last GSP he had adopted. Things went great at the appointment and Scott adopted Layla, however, the challenges mounted when he returned home. In addition to becoming more withdrawn and reserved, Scott was challenged on housebreaking Layla and teaching her to use the doggy door but as mentioned, Scott was committed. His commitment paid off. Scott recently sent the following update:

Good morning,

I just thought that I would send you an update on Layla. It has now been over six weeks since I brought her home. It’s safe to say that all of the “to do list” items have been crossed off, and Layla has made herself at home.

What I see now is a very affectionate dog who now realizes that she has found her forever home. Layla is now into the daily routines with Eva. Although the two dogs pretty much ignore each other, there is no friction between them. It’s wonderful to see Layla coming out of her shell.

To paraphrase Forrest Gump “Adopting a dog is like a box of chocolates, You are never quite certain what you have when you adopt them.” Almost always the rewards are better than you expect. Thank you all at CAGSPRescue for bringing Layla into my life.🙂

Thank you, Scott, for your dedication and commitment to Layla and not giving up. We agree with you that “almost always the rewards are better than you expect”!

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