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Lexi – Adopted, Returned, and Is Now Safe!

Lexi Adopted Returned Safe GSP RescueThe day after Christmas is one of the busiest days for retail stores and returns. Lines of individuals returning those gifts that didn’t really work out. Most retail stores are pretty lenient with returns this time of year and there are a few stores that have very lenient return policies all year long. Did you know that shelters also take back animals as well? There are a lot of different reasons for the return and most occur shortly after the adoption. People start to realize once the honeymoon is over that cute little dog at the shelter needs to be exercised daily as well as trained. After they have attempted to, unsuccessfully, house train the dog or the dog has decided the sofa is one big chew toy, it’s back to the shelter.

Most of the time, the decision to return the dog to the shelter takes place shortly after the adoption. However, we were amazed at one dog that was recently returned. Lexi was adopted from the shelter when she was around 1 year old and and returned… 10 years later. Not days, not months, but ten years. The shelter stated the owners said that she didn’t show interest in small children. Interesting. We haven’t yet mentioned that Lexi is blind. She has cataracts and walks around with her head down so her ears help her feel for objects to avoid. She probably never saw the small children she was expected to show interest.

Once back at the shelter, Lexi had little chance of being adopted. There are very few people that are going to take home an old blind dog. Since most visitors to the shelters are looking for the young cute untrained pups. Not the older, often well trained, senior dogs. Not the dogs needing medical attention and not the blind dogs like Lexi.

Fortunately, California GSP Rescue was notified about Lexi, and Volunteer Gracie went to find out more about her. As it turned out, she didn’t have much time left at the shelter. She was due to be put to sleep the next day. Sadly, that is what happens to most of the older dogs that end up at the shelters. Arrangements were quickly made and Gracie left the shelter with Lexi. A short time later she met up with Volunteer Daniel and they helped transport her to the rescue that cold winter night.

Since then, Lexi has seen the Vet and is scheduled to have surgery to remove the growth on her eye as well as a few other benign tumors and growths. The surgery is minor compared to other recent surgeries but we still need help paying for the surgery. Please consider making a small donation to help Lexi and know we’ll continue to look for her forever home. Watch our website for more updates on Lexi!

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