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Lexi is safe!

Lexi waited almost ten days for her owner to claim her from a local humane society after being picked up as a stray. During that time she became stressed and caught Kennel Cough – which is typical for any dog at a shelter. The humane society grew concerned that in addition to her becoming ill, there wasn’t anyone interested in adopting her, and her owner was nowhere to be found.

California GSP Rescue was contacted yesterday and immediately started working on getting Lexi to safety. Later the same day, Volunteer Cindy made it to the humane society and picked up Lexi.

California GSP Rescue is constantly amazed at the number of stray GSPs, like Lexi, in shelters that go unclaimed by their owners. We’ll monitor and provide Lexi with the care she needs until she is better and post her on the website when she is available for adoption.

A big thanks to Volunteer Cindy for making herself available to pick up Lexi and get her to safety!

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