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Liam is Adopted!

Liam DSC_0949w64Liam was a volunteer favorite with a wonderful temperament, sweet, affectionate, good with other dogs, and even was a good candidate for a cat home. We were scratching our heads as to why this gentle guy had been overlooked by many of the applicants.  Well, that was before Joel came along!

Joel visited the rescue with his parents, sister and grandfather so that Liam could meet the family and the family dogs before he decided to adopt. Liam did very well with all concerned and Joel took him home.

Liam is now Riley, and is enjoying his new home! His new “Dad”, Joel, is the son of a previous adopter, and grew up in a family that not only had GSP’s as pets, but even showed them many years ago.

Joel’s schedule as a physician gives him big blocks of time with Riley, but also some long days away. Joel took the time to do some research and found a good doggy daycare place before he even considered coming to meet a dog.

Riley is a lucky dog to go to such an experienced and caring forever home!


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