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Liam is Safe!

Liam Last month we received a few emails about an adult GSP picked up as a stray and taken to an LA shelter. We didn’t waste any time finding out more about this boy knowing adult GSPs don’t get a lot of attention at the shelters. Once we received word when he would be available, we started planning on transport.

Transport can often be tedious to plan as there are so may unknowns. Fortunately, Volunteer Denise frequents the shelter helping other groups and was able to get some information about when we could pick him up once he was made available to rescue. Once we had a date and time to work with, we waited to see if Liam would be claimed or adopted. Once he was made available, Denise went to the shelter to pick up Liam  and wait for the transport.

Everyone that has met him, including Denise, are amazed no one would claim this beautiful GSP. Sometimes we are asked,”what is the matter with the dog?” to which we can reply for Liam, “nothing, but there was obviously a problem with his owner”.

Look for more information about this amazing boy very soon.

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