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Lil’ Pumpkin is safe!

Last week CA GSP Rescue was notified about a GSP in a local shelter arrangements were made to pull her from the shelter but due to a miscommunication, everything was delayed a day. During that time, she was adopted. While shelters seldom vet adopters to see if they would be a suitable home, it was one less GSP for CA GSP Rescue to worry about. However, by the end of the week, the GSP had been returned to the shelter. CA GSP Rescue once again made plans but unlike the previous attempt, Lil’ Pumpkin was saved! She will need to see a Vet and be spayed but she is one step closer to finding her forever home! A big thanks to Volunteer Cindy for taking the time to visit the shelter earlier in the week and Volunteer Sandy for picking up and transporting Lil’ Pumpkin on Saturday.

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