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Lily Is Adopted!

Lily Lily’s story of being given up at 10 years old touched many of our followers on Facebook and on our website. Knowing that young German Shorthaired Pointers in need of homes grab a lot of attention as well as generate interest in adopting, it warmed our hearts when she received as much attention – thanks in large part to those individuals that shared her post. One individual that saw the post on the website was a repeat adopter that recently lost her Senior GSP that she had adopted several years back. The void Cappy left in Lynn’s house and heart was huge. A short time after he passed, she had expressed getting another Senior GSP as soon as possible with one caveat. The new dog would have to get along with her other dog Sadie.

Initially, when Lily arrived, she was evaluated with other dogs and did amazingly well. At her foster home, she was given plenty of exercise, helping deal with the issue of her escaping the yard. In fact, she never attempted to escape her foster homes yard or the training field at the rescue. The more time that was spent with her, the more we thought she would be easier to manage than we first thought.

When Lynn let us know she was interested in meeting Lily, there was a quiet roar of applause. Quiet because no one wanted to be disappointed if she and Sadie didn’t get along. Applauded because, well, Lynn’s home is the home that people want to go to if they die and come back as a dog. Lynn’s dogs are well cared for – given sufficient exercise and LOTS of attention.

An appointment was made and everyone was anxious. Lynn had already fallen for Lily, but knew it was mandatory that Sadie accept her and they both get along. Lynn’s friend and dog sitter, Cathy, was present – a good omen as Cathy had been present several years prior when Lynn adopted Cappy. First part of the introduction was a short walk with both dogs greeting each other with the “hello sniff”. No issues (sigh of relief). Next came introducing Lily to the home. Sadie’s home. Lily walked around exploring and was introduced to the doggy door. Everything was going great. Then, Lily decides to check out Sadie’s bed. She plops down just as Lynn states, “that’s Sadie’s bed.” It’s suddenly quiet. Sadie walks toward Lily laying on her bed, stops, then Lily goes and lays down on Cappy’s old bed. A big sigh of relief. Sadie liked her and Lily was adopted!

Since that initial meeting, Lynn has sent several updates. stating that both dogs are getting along well. She calls Lily, Sadie’s dog. Sadie’s Lily. Her new role is keeping the backyard free from pesky squirrels, birds, and butterflies. Yes, butterflies. Butterflies fall in the category of creatures that fly and aren’t allowed in the backyard while squirrels fall into the category of small furry animals that aren’t allowed in the backyard.


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