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Louie and Morgan the Hun: Can you help?

Yes, you are on the right webpage. No, these aren’t GSPs – they aren’t even GSP mixes. Morgan the Hun and her brother Louie are 9 year old Chow mixes (likely lab and chow). We are really going to need some networking and sharing to help out this pair, since we don’t expect many people to Google “GSP Rescue”when looking for a chow!  However, they are in our care and we take finding them a home just as seriously as finding our GSPs homes.

They are quite an easy-going pair who would love a home where they receive some attention, love and a daily walk. Please share and encourage your friends to do the same. Together, we can help them find their well-deserved forever home!

If you would like to meet Louie and Morgan, please complete an adoption application. You can also help them find a home by printing a flyer and sharing it in your community.

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