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In Loving Memory Of Ebony

Ebony3If ever there was a dog that captured the hearts of many, it was Ebony. She was a favorite at the California GSP Rescue. Those volunteers who cared for her and got her out for fun and exercise, remember well how attentive Ebony always was to her people. You always felt the love and appreciation she seemed to have for the attention given her. And if you had a ball for her, well you got extra special attention!

Finding Ebony a home proved to be quite a challenge; being a black dog, being a GSP mix, and not getting along with other dogs. We worked with her in our training circle each Saturday, where she responded well to most of her handlers, even among other dogs.  But still, an adopter didn’t come forward. When long-time GSP owners and adopters Sharon and Michael lost their dog, they agreed to foster Ebony – they knew she needed a chance, and that training and love in a home environment could make the difference for her.

And what a difference it made for Ebony. From kennel to spoiled, just like that! She was the queen of the house, enjoying her toast and eggs with foster dad in the morning, going to the beach and park, and even checking in to a dog friendly hotel for an Easter vacation! She thoroughly enjoyed her walks with foster mom each day, and patrolling the yard for the many critters that tried to “invade”. She made them laugh and learned new tricks, like “where’s your nose”. “Eb” was quickly becoming more than a foster dog for Sharon and Michael, and they decided to adopt her.

Sadly, Ebony’s health started failing shortly after and it was determined, after many tests, that she had advanced cancer. Sharon and Michael pampered and loved her even more and made her last days as comfortable as possible. We are forever grateful to them for taking her into their home – a dog-reactive dog can be a challenge, but they felt giving her a chance far outweighed the difficulties. As it turned out, she was a very good girl for them and blessed their home with love and laughter. Michael and Sharon, and all of us at the rescue, will miss her terribly.

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