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In Loving Memory of Lily

Lily in memoriamLily was known as Buttercup at the California GSP Rescue, a 7+ year old GSP who found herself at a shelter after being picked up as a stray. Well her life certainly changed for the better when Beth came along to sweep you up into a better life. Unfortunately, Beth recently gave us the news that Lily passed away, and we asked Beth to share a little something about her precious Lily.

“My Sweet Lily,

I met you at the Orange County Pet Expo, our eyes met and it was if we had known each other our whole lives.  I brought you home on April 15th, you were frightened and nervous, but a game girl…

Even though no one really knew your history I knew you had a rough time, the fact you could scrounge the garbage can without a sound gave me the first clue.

You loved being at the cabin in Twin Peaks, protecting me from squirrels and birds (one of which you caught and brought into the house to share with me), and spent hours lying in the sun on the deck.  I took you to the dog park and you would run like the wind — I thought you were part Whippet or Greyhound you went so fast — but you definitely had pointer in you.  And amazingly enough, you got along with everyone, dog, owner, bird, cat…

We shared meals, you loved trips in the car, and on the road trip from California to New Jersey you were the perfect passenger; I spoke, you listened; I asked your opinion and you just looked at me as if you knew what I said…and never once complained the whole way.  Needless to say, you were a welcome guest, everyone who saw you complimented you on your manners and how pretty you were.

When we arrived in New Jersey (Jersey Shore to be more precise) you met the family, all of whom embraced you and your cheerful spirit.

We all grew to know your likes and dislikes so much, everyone was on the same page, even Gracie their beloved dog.  You were a star and gave us all so much love and spirit, a truly happy and contented dog.  You even got a middle name – Belle – which was so appropriate.

My one regret is that we had such a short time together.  The end was sudden and unexpected, nothing any of us wanted which goes without saying, but I am very thankful I was able to spend your final hours with you.  Lily I shall never forget the love your gave and how it brought a lot of joy to all of us.  RIP my special friend”.

We are so sorry for your loss Beth. Thank you for sharing these beautiful words with us. Even though your time together was short, we are truly grateful to you for opening up your heart and home to Lily. She was truly loved and cherished.

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