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In Loving Memory Of Lovely Rita

It is with heavy hearts, we are sad to bring you the news that former California GSP Rescue dog, Rita has passed away. While we are deeply saddened, we are touched by the words and the bond created between Rita and her adopter, David. While we vet the applications of those wanting to adopt, we only can hope that the adopters discover relationships that David did with Rita. Knowing she was loved and part of a family for the past 9 years, brings an inner warmth of joy. Thank you for adopting and giving her the home she deserved.
“I’m sad to say Rita (Pearl) has passed on. I adopted her in 2010, and being my first shorthair, I quickly realized what it was going to take to keep her happy. But with all the running, hiking and adventures we had, we created an incredible bond, and one I will never forget.  She had all the genuine traits of a GSP, and hunting was her favourite. You could always find her in the backyard hunting butterflies, lizards and any varmint that strayed in.

Unfortunately in April 2018 she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure stemming from a heart murmur. She persevered another year and we made the best of it.
I would like to thank the rescue for allowing me to care for her. She was an amazing dog and will be greatly missed.  ~ David” 
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