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Lucky is Adopted!

Lucky Ron  When Ron lost his first GSP, Buddy, he knew he wanted to adopt again, but wanted to take his time and find the right match. Ron had supported many of the GSP Rescue causes and contributed to dogs needing medical care, but hadn’t had time in the past to do what he really wanted to do – volunteer! So Ron started coming to the Rescue to help out on Saturdays; which turned out to not only benefit the Rescue, but also helped Ron heal from the loss of his best buddy.

After getting to know Ron, we felt we had a really great match for him, and brought Lucky out to meet him. Lucky for Lucky (sorry, couldn’t resist), Ron thought he was a great match as well and Lucky had found his adopter! He’s now enjoying the good life and Ron is enjoying this well-behaved adult GSP. ┬áRon has found that Lucky is great at the dog park, walks nicely on a leash (which is important as Ron’s parents come mid-day to give Lucky a walk), and he’s enjoying meeting all the new family and neighbors. We at the Rescue also get to continue seeing Lucky as Ron continues to volunteer! Ron summed it up best when he wrote us, “we’re both enjoying our new life together and “lucky” to have found each other so thanks for matching us up!”

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