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Lucy – How an Adopted GSP Spends Her Day

Lucy_1688548_10203278907199950_1059398184_n_w64Lucy was adopted in 2010. She was somewhat of an escape artist and from the photos and update, she appears to be loving her home and not wanting to escape as much as she once did. Her adopter Tricia writes the following:

“After breakfast she usually checks out the yard for critters. Then she starts her daily job of guarding Daddy’s boat, which she takes very seriously. She has a good view of most of the area outside of the fence so that she can make sure the bunnies, raccoons, stray dogs and coyotes stay away. She also checks the entire yard (an acre) severely times, as well as checking in with Mom. As it gets closer to dinner time, late afternoon, it is playtime with whomever is available. After dinner, once Daddy is home and Mommy joins him, it is “treat” time! Her favorite time of the day! Then after another check outside, it is time to relax… oh what a hard day this girl has had!!

She loves children and other dogs but is never too overwhelming. She’d just as much lay on a bed and have her tummy scratched than play. She loves to cuddle with other dogs! We have about 95% curbed her desire of escaping. She is/was quit the artist. At least when she does get out, she comes home now and we find her at the gate. I think she is too lazy to take three day walks anymore!”

We always love getting updates of our adopted dogs enjoying a happy life!  Thank you Tricia for sharing with us, and for giving Lucy a happy forever after!

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