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Luke Is Getting Comfortable

LukeWe brought Luke home to foster recently and didn’t know anything about this new little member of our pack.  One of the most exciting times with a new foster is the discovery phase.  With each passing day and with a lot of attention to the new dog’s actions, we get to discover what they like and don’t like and what makes their little soul unique and special.

Luke’s transporter had told us what a great little guy Luke is and they were right.  What we’ve discovered is that he likes a soft spot to lay down .  Each day he makes rounds through the house to find just the right spot for that time of the day.  He has taken each of my dogs’ beds as his own and has attempted to get up on the couch.  He seems to think that my dog’s bean bag is also the perfect sleeping spot.

Luke likes to walk …not because of the walk itself…but because of the ability it gives him to say hello to strangers.  He ever so gently meanders towards any new passer-by and looks up at them to see if they’ll give him a little pat. We happened to pass a middle school just as their open house let out.  Luke was in heaven and was the highlight of the sidewalk greeting each person with a hello.  He walked along at our fast pace and asked each passerby if they’d give him a pat.

Of course Luke’s favorite playtime activity is to chase shadows/reflections.  He could spend hours looking at the ground for reflectison and shadows.

Luke is best described as a perfect little gentleman!

Learn more about Luke.  If you would like to meet Luke, please complete an adoption application.

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