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Luna Is Adopted!

Luna has been given a second chance. At 9 years old, she was surrendered by her owners because she had developed some separation anxiety, and they reached out to us to help find her a more suitable home.

Tony and Katie applied to adopt an older dog. Tony was able to bring his dog to work, and on days he wasn’t able to, Katie would be home. They were active, and wanted a dog they could take to the beach and accompany them on their outdoor activities. Luna being 9, still had plenty of energy, and they thought she would be perfect for them. However, there was one challenge. They had a cat. 

Well, Luna showed much promise during her cat tests, and Tony and Katie were willing to introduce them slowly to help both acclimate to each others company. 

They decided to come out and meet Luna, and fell in love with her instantly. They were perfect for her.

We have received several updates about Luna in her new home, and it turns out she and the cat are doing very well together, and that Tony and Katie are just thrilled with their new addition to their family.

“We wanted to shoot you a quick e-mail and update you with how things are going. We are so grateful to have Luna, she fits in so perfectly with our small family. We still can’t believe how lucky we got with her! She is such a sweet girl, everyone who meets her adores her. It’s always funny telling others Luna’s age – they never believe us! They always think she is 2-4 years old”!

Katie says “Luna has been pretty spoiled since moving to the beach. She is a total beach girl and loves running on the beach trail. She is a great running partner and has learned to not pull or chase at distractions (aka rocks). Running has been great exercise for her. But even more so, since Tony isn’t a fan of running, it’s been a great way for Luna and I to bond.  Other than running, Luna could play fetch all day. If her favorite tennis balls aren’t around, she will bring us leaves, pieces of paper, rocks… anything that she can play fetch with. Luna is a young pup at heart, she loves to play, snuggle, and get her belly rubbed. 

As you know, my biggest worry was how Luna would do with the cat. What a huge relief that they get along just fine. They are not quite at the “best friend” status, but we are predicting they will be snuggle buddies soon. Actually, our biggest “issue” has been preventing Luna from stealing the cat’s food. Tony is patiently working with her and I’m doing my best to follow his lead.  

We were also concerned with how Luna would do in an apartment (since we are house hunting right now). We haven’t had any issues or accidents at all. We are lucky to be walking distance to a huge park and have so many dog friendly trails nearby. She is a companion dog and just wants to be with us all the time. We have tried to keep her alone time at the apartment to a minimum, but sometimes it just happens. The rescue staff gave us the heads up about her separation anxiety. We knew this would be a bit of a challenge but we quickly applied the advice given by staff. A TIRED GSP IS A GOOD GSP! We learned that before leaving Luna alone for a longer period of time, she needed to be completely exhausted. And a good bone or peanut butter filled Kong helps out too.

Thank you again for helping us find Luna. We are so grateful and are completely smitten with our Luna Bell”.

Katie and Tony

Thank you Katie and Tony for opening your home and your hearts to an adult GSP! As we all know, and I am sure that Katie and Tony would agree that 9 years old for a GSP is the new 3!

Enjoy your life Luna! You hit the jackpot!

Katie and Tony have shared some photos with us! Stop by our Facebook Page to check them out!

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