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Mae Is Adopted!

We are thrilled to bring you the news that Mae is adopted!

Brad and Denise were looking for a young GSP to join their family. We had a few dogs in mind to introduce them to, and when they came out for the appointment, there was just something about Mae that melted their hearts.

Mae came to us from a shelter at 2 years old. She had been adopted out by the shelter, then returned. We believe the people that adopted her had no idea what they were getting into. We were happy that the shelter reached out to us so that we could evaluate her to find her the best home. And we did…

We received an update from Brad and Denise, and we couldn’t be happier for all!

“Everything is awesome. We are so blessed to have her. We did re-name her Misty. She didn’t seem to recognize Mae, so we took a chance and it’s worked out. She usually comes when we call her.

Misty is very sweet, gentle, loving, a little goofy and mischievous. She loves her stuffed animals and an occasional taste of vanilla ice cream. She is great with children and other friendly dogs – squirrels lizards and cats … not so much. She is a born leader and on group training walks she wants to lead the pack. Running free in open space is her happy place. She has brought us so much joy! We found an excellent trainer and continue work on obedience training. She is making really nice progress, and is doing so much better each day on the leash. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have Misty in our family. Everyone LOVES her. Thank you for what you do”!

Interested in adopting a great dog like Misty?  Here’s some information about how this whole thing works!

First, every adoption starts with an APPLICATION. The application helps us set you up with the right adoption volunteer and helps us keep track of you as we go through the process. The more complete your application, the faster we can get in touch with you.

Next, you will receive an email from your adoption counselor – so please keep an eye on your email, and your spam, for that first contact.

After that call, the work begins. The adoption counselor will take a look at all of the dogs we have to find one that might fit well with your family, your animals, and your life-style. Keep in mind, not every dog we have is on the website!  It takes a lot of time to get the dogs listed, and sometimes there is a perfect home before that happens!

What happens if there is not a good match after your call? Your adoption counselor keeps looking as new dogs come in. Very often, adoptions happen within a few weeks of applying. Sometimes it is quite a bit more time until that perfect dog comes in.

And if you aren’t quite ready to apply and adopt, you can still help “rescue” a dog by:

1) Visit our Facebook Page, and Share, Like, & Comment on Facebook or other social media
2) Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. The more subscribers the more views the videos will receive
3) Become a Rescue Hero! With our limited resources, your monthly donation helps our all volunteer organization continue rescuing German Shorthaired Pointers.

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