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Maggie is Safe!

MaggieLast week Maggie showed up at the shelter after being dropped off by her owner who was reportedly moving and couldn’t take her. For those that don’t know, shelters aren’t the place you should ever consider taking your beloved pet. While Los Angeles Shelters adoption rates have substantially increased over the past years, there is still a chance any dog coming into the shelter can be euthanized.

Maggie wasn’t one of the cute little puppies that shelters sometimes have so much interest they will hold a raffle or silent auction, but an adult female that wasn’t likely to get the attention of the younger dogs in the surrounding kennels. While some of the visitors to the shelter might consider her too old, we at California GSP Rescue think it’s the perfect age for someone that doesn’t have the time needed for pup.

Fortunately for Maggie, after sitting in the shelter for a few days without anyone interested in adopting her, Volunteer Lisa was available to go pick up and transport Maggie to the Rescue and get her one step closer to her forever home.

Volunteer Lisa claims she is an absolute love! We would like to thank Lisa for making the time to help a great GSP!

We’ll have more on Maggie on our website very soon!

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