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Matrix Here Waiting…

Matrix is waitingMatrix here…”I’m in foster care and I am waiting for a home of my own.  People see me and overlook me because I’m eight, but I have a lot of surprises for them and what they don’t know, is most of them couldn’t keep up with the likes of ME!

I love to play with my foster dog brother.  I follow the lead of my foster dog sister.  I dance when I’m excited…daily.  I hoard some toys now and again.  I love to drink too much from the hose and sleep it off on the couch.  If I can be close to you I am happy.  I walk like a pro on a leash …well unless I see a bunny or lizard, then I pull on the leash like a pro.

You see, I’m the all around ideal dog in so many ways and I am well loved by my foster family, but I want a family to call my own.  I had my own family for eight years, and without a vote from me, they broke up and left me at the rescue… then I had no family.

I am a family dog and am loyal to the bitter end to my people.  I prefer to be around them or at least in eye sight of them as much as I can.  I love my people…especially the ones that walk, pet and feed me.  I’m quirky, funny, fun-loving and all around weird…just like all GSP’s should be.  I don’t think you are allowed to be a GSP if you don’t have a lot of personality.”

Matrix is waiting for his forever home, and you can learn more about Matrix here.

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