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Matrix – They said to Foster an Adult Dog!

matrixDiary from Matrix’ Foster Mom…

“We tend to get our dogs out for a good deal of exercise.  Somehow that has translated to having a younger to adult dog as our rotating foster.  Well…I have heard from the other volunteers how great the adult and senior GSP’s are to foster…still some youthful traits but with the benefit of a calm demeanor.

Hah!  I think they may have lied to me.  We  brought home Matrix and have been keeping up with them ever since.  They failed to tell me some of the following about an adult dog:

1.   The adults don’t know that they are not a puppy.  Someone needs to tell him!
2.   Foster Matrix likes to take his toys and hoard them in another room.  I thought he’d play less at his age …I was wrong.
3.  While he may have a little arthritis in his legs, his mind NEEDS a good walk every day.  He actually needs it and as his strength has increased when a little Glucosamine has taken effect he’s ready to go many miles per day.
4.  If he does not get his “good walk” he will twirl and dance in the kitchen a few times or bark at me to go for his walk.  Even if he does get his walk he will do this.
5.  He plays with my five year old GSP daily.  Matrix is the instigator most of the time.
6.  He will go to the door as though he wants to potty….nope…he doesn’t…he wants to walk.  He likes to fool us like that.

Does that sound like a puppy?  Yes it certainly does if memory serves.  I’m beginning to think this breed has no concept of age.”

Matrix is available for adoption, and you can learn more about him here.

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