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Max is Safe!

A064378 max w29Adopted and returned to the shelter, Max, not being the right fit for the family that adopted him, was again in limbo. While some shelters may evaluate the dogs the shelters aren’t always able to evaluate the families that adopt. For some adopters, they’ll get any additional help they may need to make it work and keep their newly adopted dog while others may not have the resources available to them and won’t be able to provide a forever home. Fortunately for Max, he found his way, with the help of a dozen or more volunteers, to California GSP Rescue where he will be further evaluated and placed with an adopter that can manage him. In addition, his adopters will have the support of the rescue as a resource to help deal with any issues they might encounter.

A week ago, California GSP Rescue was informed by NorCal GSP Rescue Volunteer Robin that Max was available and he didn’t fit into their program. California GSP Rescue agreed to take him but knew transporting him could be a challenge. Fortunately, NorCal GSP Rescue Volunteer Cheryl has experience, knowledge, and patience setting up long transports and was able to set up a transport last Saturday for Max.  Early Saturday morning, NorCal GSP Rescue Volunteer Ron set out for the shelter that housed Max. After picking him up, he headed to Stockton to meet transporter Janie who took Max  a little further south to Fresno where she met transporter Lola. Lola continued the journey toward Max’s forever home meeting transporter Tricia in Porterville who then met up with Volunteer/transporter David in Santa Clarita who got him the rest of the way. It was a long day for some and we’re thankful that they could take time out of their weekend to help save the life of a German Shorthaired Pointer named Max. We hope you visit often to learn and see the happy ending to this story when Max finds his forever home.

A big thanks to NorCal GSP Rescue and their volunteers that worked so diligently to help Max. In addition, we would like to mention and thank Kelly and the shelter staff that helped make sure everything was in order before, during, and after Max was transported.

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