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Meet Abby!

 Abby is a five year old liver roan female GSP. She was relinquished to the rescue from her senior humans that could no longer manage to give her the exercise she needed. In her excitement, her owners became fearful she might pull them causing them to fall. It was recommended by their doctor they give her up. Having owned her since a puppy and having been part of the family her entire life, this was an extremely difficult decision for the family to make. The family had owned 4 GSPs in their 51 years of marriage. Abby was the first they ever had to give up. 

Her previous owner wrote the following to share with potential adopters:

“Abby is very loving, like most GSPs, and wants to be close to her humans as much as possible. She likes to lay her head on our bodies. In bed she is right on my shoulder. I’ll miss her cuddling. She has slept in our bed since her first night. She does sleep well in a crate or at a kennel. She’s very adoptable”

Abby, for five, is still quite active. While she doesn’t require the exercise of a younger GSP, she does need regular exercise. She is exceptionally attentive and responsive. She has been much easier to train than some of the younger less attentive GSPs. In her foster home, she learned to use the doggy door the first day; knows to “wait” until her food is prepared and she is released; and knows the routine for loading up in the car although she still needs some work – she gets so excited going anywhere in the car as it usually means somewhere fun! In her foster home, all the dogs are fed separately but we have learned that Abby doesn’t like any other dogs near her food or dish.

Abby plays well with the majority of the dogs she has met and can keep up with the youngest of the dogs she has played with. She loves water and playing in it. Watch the video below to see how adorable and lovable Abby is as she tells the story. She is sure to melt your heart! 


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