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Meet Annabelle!

Annabelle 2Annabelle is a beautiful 6 year old female German Shorthaired Pointer.  She is on the petite side, and has a tail.

What we have learned about Annabelle is that she is house trained, but not crate trained.  She is in good health, had regular vet check ups. She may have some limited vision in her left eye, but it hasn’t caused any problems for her. She has had some training, and walks nicely on a leash. She would often wear a book bag on her walks, giving her extra exercise and also her own job, which we love.  She is good on recall, and we have found that she loves being with people and just wants a good lap to snuggle up on. She is great with other dogs, but seems to love being with people (and ON people) more than  dogs; another dog would be a companion for her, but she doesn’t play with them much. Annabelle prefers a Kong or rope toy over a squeaky toy.

Annabelle was turned in to us because she has recently developed separation anxiety. Her owners have been working on various techniques to make her more comfortable with a few hours along, but are moving are moving soon and believe the stress of the big changes with the move would be too much anxiety for her. We feel the right home for Annabelle would be with someone that is home, works from home, or would be able to take Annabelle to work with them while they gradually work on making her comfortable alone. While it is possible another calm dog at home might make her more comfortable, we don’t know for sure. We do know she is a good girl at doggy day care and that is an option during the training period.

If you feel your lifestyle would be a good fit for Annabelle, and you would like a snuggly and attentive companion,  please apply here. to learn more about this lovely lady!


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