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Meet April’s Puppies!


Meet Lilla, Opie, Hoss, Penny and Shasta!

April came into the rescue very pregnant.  She was a GSP with a very full belly and she was just weeks from having bouncing GSP-mix adorable puppies.  Within the first few weeks, April had these sweet little puppies we call GSP/cuteness mixes!

We know April is a purebred GSP, but as for the Dad, we are afraid they broke up before we met April, so we only know that mom is a GSP. At this age, many breeds of puppies look the same, so even a guess is impossible. The GSP/cute mix is the most accurate one for now!

April was a very good mama and cared well for her babies.  Once weened, they went to a kind volunteer foster family and are getting all the socializing and care we could hope for.

They are getting close to being available for adoption and we are now taking applications for these sweet puppies.

If interested in adopting one of April’s puppies, or any of the dogs needing homes on our website please submit an adoption application .

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