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Meet Arty!

Arty H DSC_8011p2x2Arty is an approximately 3 1/2 year old male GSP mix. He has a large liver “saddle” on his back with liver ticked legs. He was found timid and afraid most likely from not being socialized when very young. He was relinquished to California GSP Rescue when his family felt they couldn’t give him the attention and socializing he needed.

Arty is very sweet and warms up to people fairly quickly and is wonderful and playful with other dogs. He would do well in a multi-dog home with someone that can continue working with him on training and socializing. Arty will need lots of exercise and gentle training and guidance to become the wonderful and trusting dog he can be.  He has made great progress while being in the care of California GSP Rescue. His ideal home will be loving, yet maintain rules and boundaries training him with a gentle hand.

If you are interested in learning more about Arty, please apply here.

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