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Meet Augie

Adopt Augie Augie is an 8 year old male German Shorthaired Pointer that was rescued from a local shelter after being found as a stray. After he had been held the mandatory number of days and made available for Rescue, we wasted no time getting him and making sure he was safe. Adult and older dogs are not the highly adoptable dogs at the shelter and if not adopted or rescued their future isn’t good. Why no one looked for him or went to the shelter to claim him is beyond us. However, we think there might be a clue due to a reaction prior to going for a walk.

Going for Walks

What dog doesn’t love walks?!? Most GSPs are usually beside themselves with excitement when they see the leash before a walk. Not Augie. When he sees the leash, he’ll go the other way. Augie is great on a leash not pulling or wanting to explore. His leash manners are exceptional. He appears to enjoy the walk and he will stay beside his human no matter the length of the walk. Perhaps this is from someone being too hard leash training him. Some GSPs respond better to softer techniques and it’s not necessary to use corrective methods. Augie may have been one of these dogs.

The Good Stuff

Does Augie not wanting to come to someone with a leash make him “ruined” or “damaged”? We think not! We’ve modified how we leash him to go on walks not holding the leash in our hands like we normally do with the excited dogs. With the leash around our necks, we’ll call Augie to us and pet him, which he likes, and then we leash him. He doesn’t seem to mind and really enjoys the pets.

Augie has done well around other well socialized dogs but is often cautious initially when meeting them. He doesn’t engage or play with the other dogs but doesn’t mind them being in the same area. We are doubtful he would do well with an un-socialized dog or an overly playful dog that doesn’t know when to leave him alone.

Augie loves to play fetch! Unlike younger tireless GSPs, Augie gets enough exercise playing fetch in a lot less time. We have found after a good twenty to thirty minutes playing fetch, Augie will take a little break.

Augie is extremely sweet and affectionate. He absolutely loves getting pets and being close to humans. When he isn’t going for walks or playing fetch, he would prefer getting pets. We think the ideal home would be someone that can spend the little amount of time daily giving him exercise and a LOT of time giving him the love and attention he loves!

Interested in Augie?

If you are interested in meeting Augie and haven’t yet submitted an adoption application, please, do so. If you have submitted an adoption application, please contact the volunteer you are working with. Perhaps you are unable to adopt and would like to help Augie find his forever home, we’d appreciate the help. Please consider sharing this post with friends and family that might provide Augie the forever home he deserves. Lastly, if you are able, please consider supporting our efforts and become a Rescue Hero.

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