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Meet Bandit!

Bandit is a 10 year old black and white stunning male German Shorthaired Pointer. He is on the small to medium size, so Bandit is the perfect size to ride shotgun to the dog park or beach!

He is excellent with people and children of all ages. He lived with a toddler, and was great. He is also good with other dogs, but would not be a candidate for a cat home.

Unfortunately, Bandit was recently returned to us after 4 years because his family is having a second baby and Bandit has separation anxiety. They’ve managed it for years, but with a new baby, a smaller place, and no longer able to afford to pay for the doggy daycare they often sent him to, they came to the difficult decision to return him to us.

Bandit is affectionate and loving. Loves to be a lap dog and snuggle on the couch.  He does well on a leash with a no pull harness with the clip in the front. While on is walks he would lunge to visit another dog so his previous owners would carry treats with them and when there was another dog going by, they would make him sit and give him a treat and it worked very well. Bandit still has plenty of energy and does need exercise daily. He has been used to running with his previous owners 2 to 4 miles a day and a 1 to 2 mile walk in the evenings. 

The perfect home for Bandit would be where he will continue to get daily exercise, with someone who works from home, or can take Bandit to work with them. If that isn’t an option, then taking him to a doggy day care is also an option, as he did very well there. His previous owners did not have another dog, but said since he did well when left at day care, that perhaps if he was left alone with another dog, it could be possible he could do very well. 

If you have room in your hearts and home for Bandit, please apply here. 

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