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Meet Beau and Remy – Better Together


Beau and Remy are brothers, from another mother or the same, we aren’t quite sure. Both are 8 years old and have been together most (or all) of their lives.

They were recently surrendered when their owners lost their home. We were told one is an English Pointer and one a German Shorthaired Pointer. However, in getting to know these handsome boys we suspect they may both be Pointers or Pointer/GSP crosses. What we are quite sure of is that they are a couple of pretty cool dudes with their own distinct personalities.

Beau is the hunter and is a busy boy in the yard and on walks, always checking things out. Remy is more laid back and constantly checks back with his people. He would rather get pets than find lizards.

We’d like to see these boys go to the same home; they’ve been together for so long. We also think of Remy as Beau’s support dog. Beau has Addison’s disease and stress can affect how much medication he needs. Getting dropped at a shelter and loosing his family is very stressful but Beau has been healthy through it all with his brother at his side.

Beau can be expected to live a normal life with right medication and he certainly has no idea he’s any different – as he busily goes through his day. Both dogs were house dogs and have the manners to.go with it. Do you have room in.your home and heart for this special pair? If so, please apply here.


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