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Meet Beau!

Beau is a beautiful, lemon and white English Pointer with a real zest for life! At 9 years young, this boy has plenty of energy but can also be mellow. He’s a happy boy with a happy tail and loves to chase birds and find gophers for you. He is always up for a ride in the car and is well behaved for the trip. If you are going to a lake or the ocean, Beau’s your guy! He just loves to be in the water. He is housebroken and crate trained, although seems well-behaved enough not to need one. We are told he has been around children as young as 16 months and was a gentleman.  While he isn’t interested in playing with the other dogs much,  he generally seems good around other dogs of all sizes and has lived with another dog.

Unfortunately, Beau’s owner had to give up both of his dogs due to financial hardship. Although we tried to place Beau with his brother, it was proving difficult to find a home able to take two big, adult dogs. So, when his brother found a good home, we had to let him go. Now it is Beau’s turn!  He is used to living with a family in a home, and should be a fairly easy dog to adjust to yours!

As with most dogs, Beau has a couple of challenges. The first, and a common issue with pointers, is that he pulls on a leash. We have found a gentle leader helps tremendously and makes him a joy to walk – and he loves his walks! Every scent and sound is fun for Beau! His second challenge is a condition called Addison’s disease. Addison’s is actually fairly common in dogs (and some people) and is easily controlled with daily medication. The daily medication is very inexpensive and Beau doesn’t mind taking it at all. When treated, Addison’s does not affect the quality or the length of a dog’s life – and trust us, he does not know he’s got it! He also requires a monthly injection, which does cost a little more, but there are ways to contain the cost. There is an alternative medication which eliminates the monthly injection, but he can’t be switched over to it until he is in a stable home. California GSP Rescue has a couple of volunteers who have dogs with Addison’s, and they are happy to advise Beau’s new family.

If you have room in your heart and your home for Beau, please apply here.

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