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Meet Blind Dog Elvis an Amazing GSP!

Elvis Elvis is a 6 month old white and liver patched purebred German Shorthaired Pointer. He was rescued from a local shelter after being turned in as a stray.

Elvis is blind but is nothing less than an amazing dog. He hasn’t met a dog he doesn’t like, and most dogs find his engaging behavior irresistible and will play with him over other dogs. While he has been diagnosed as a blind dog, he has an incredible sense of awareness. Watching him in the field playing with nearly every dog he meets is nothing less than amazing!

Elvis was checked out by a specialist in hopes his conditioned might be reversed. Unfortunately, the Ophthalmologist prognosis wasn’t good. It isn’t known what caused Elvis’s blindness, or if he was born with it, but there is nothing that can be done for him. While this seems like it would be difficult for a dog to overcome, Elvis has done amazingly well in the field. He appears to have a good sense of his surroundings and clearly uses his sense of smell and sound to compensate for his loss of vision.

To learn more about Elvis and the other dogs available for adoption, please apply here.

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