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Meet Blossom!

Blossom is a 6 year old beautiful female white and liver German Shorthaired Pointer available for adoption!

Blossom was found as a stray, and was taken to a shelter. We were notified about Blossom when she arrived at the shelter, and we monitored her as she waited at the shelter for the required time to give her owners a chance to find her and take her home, but they never came. When she was made available to the public, we continued to keep her on our radar to see if she was adopted, and when she had no interest, we went and picked her up.

We have learned that Blossom is one of the sweetest girls we have ever met. She seems to love people more than other dogs. We have had her in the field with other dogs, and she did fine, but we would recommend that she go to a home where someone would be able to work with her with socialization and slow introductions with other dogs in the home environment.

This beautiful girl has plenty of love to give, and is ready to give that love and attention back tenfold to a forever family who will love and appreciate her, and give her the attention she deserves.  

The perfect home for Blossom would be with someone who will make sure she gets plenty of exercise and continued training. We don’t know if she is house trained, but she is very smart and attentive which will make an easy transition for someone willing to work with her to make her part of a family and thrive in a home.

If you feel you would be a good fit for Blossom, please apply here. 

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