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Meet Bob!

Bob DSC_0311w8x6Bob is a one and a half year old black and white German Shorthaired Pointer Mix. Bob has an incredible face, and an amazing temperament. He would do well in a multi dog home, but we have learned that he would not be able to live in a home with a cat.

Bob came to us after we were notified he had been picked up as a stray and taken to a kill shelter. When the volunteer arrived at Bob’s kennel, Bob was hiding in the back of the kennel but slowly came to the front to look at the new stranger who had paused, as he had most likely done dozen of times each day only to be disappointed they weren’t someone he recognized. However, this person was a volunteer from California GSP Rescue and paused a little longer than the other strangers. The volunteer knelt and offered Bob a treat which he gently took. There was wag of a tail. A little sparkle of hope in his eye. Little did he know his future was about to change. He was safe.

Bob appears to be well socialized running and playing with a few of the other more playful dogs in the field. It’s not surprising that he doesn’t appear to have had much training but he is responsive and wants to please. With a little work, someone is going to adopt an amazing dog!

If you would like to learn more about Bob, please apply here.

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