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Meet Brownie!

Brownie GSP Lab Mix SeniorBrownie is an 11 year old all liver male German Shorthaired Pointer. This boy is as sweet as they come!

Brownie was surrendered to the shelter by his owner because she was having a baby. Unsure that is a reason to give up a Senior dog. A Senior dog isn’t that difficult to exercise, in fact, they are much easier than a younger dog. If you skip a day with an older dog, they will happily wait until the next day. Skip a day with a young dog and something is bound to be destroyed. In addition, there is sometimes a misunderstanding when introducing a newborn to a home with dogs. Done correctly, it really isn’t that difficult.

We have been getting to know Brownie, and have discovered that Brownie does great with some other dogs, and would be fine as an only dog.  He loves people and getting and giving plenty of affection and attention.

Even at 11 years young, Brownie has plenty of GSP energy to burn, and would benefit from a daily walk or two, and then just chilling next to you watching television, reading a book or napping.

Brownie had a home for his first 11 years, and was very loyal to his owner. We owe it to Brownie to find him a FOREVER family this time around to live out his years as a loved and cherished family member.

Read more about Brownie’s journey to rescue here.

If you have room in your home and in your heart for this wonderful GSP Gentleman, please apply here.

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