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Meet Buck!

Meet Buck! An active, sweet, snuggly 9 year old male GSP. If it weren’t for the little bit of powder-face coming in, you’d think he was years younger! Buck has been wonderful with young children and other dogs, both big and small. This adult GSP just loves to fetch and to play with other dogs. Buck will need a home where he gets plenty of daily exercise, and where at least one of his people is home a good deal of the day. He is able to stay home alone, but needs exercise first, and some “baby proofing” of the home! He knows how to run alongside a bicycle and will pull you on a skateboard, both good exercise options! In exchange for exercise, some baby proof cabinet locks, and following a “leaving routine”, Buck will provide you with hours of snuggles, plenty of opportunity for play, and a few laughs along the way. You are sure to marvel at just how smart this boy is! He can open a refrigerator, most kinds of doors, and will teach you to leave your counters clean. Fortunately, a lock on the fence gate and baby locks on the refrigerator and cabinets keep him out of trouble. He loves a dog door when you aren’t home, as he is comforted by having access to his yard and home. 

Buck is also a hunter – although this hunt-trained boy senems to have no interest in birds. He’d be happy to accompany you, though, and watch the other dogs flush the birds! This boy will keep the rabbits away, though. So, if your yard suffers from rabbit-reconstruction, he will take care of that for you! (Fortunately for the bunnies, Buck is getting a little older and will still chase, but not catch!).

Unfortunately, Buck’s current owners both work outside of the home and aren’t able to provide him the structure and exercise he needs. They love him, but know their life is too stressful for him now. Luckily, they have given us the “Buck Handbook” and for the family with the right circumstances, Buck will be just an awesome and loving companion!

If you feel you can provide this awesome GSP with the home he needs, please apply here.

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