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Meet Buster!

Buster GSP Dog Adopt RescueBuster is a 2 year old male liver and roan German Shorthaired Pointer. Rescued from the shelter and like most young GSPs at the shelter, we suspect he required more time than his previous owner had for exercising and training. As any owner of a young GSPs will let you know, exercise is key to a well behaved and manageable GSP. Without it, training as well as managing any behavioral issues can be a challenge.

Buster is well socialized and has played well with other dogs. In fact, he loves playing with other dogs in the training field and can play for hours with the dogs that he can engage. At his age he is going to need quite a bit of exercise and, let’s not forget, training. While well behaved for the most part, continued training is what makes great dogs. Buster has the potential to be a great dog. He is a little vocal letting you know he’s excited. He also needs work on his recall but with positive reinforcement in a small area, we are sure he’ll learn quickly.

Like most GSPs, Buster loves attention and being with his humans. While he’s a great candidate for an only dog, he would also be a candidate for a second or even a third dog, provided they other dogs are well socialized and like to play. If you have the time to exercise and train, Buster could be the perfect candidate for you!

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