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Meet Capone!

Capone is a beautiful and somewhat small male German Shorthaired Pointer. At about 3, he still requires LOTS of exercise, and will gladly fetch his ball for hours! He is most often described as “sweet” and a “cutie” by our volunteers, and loves a good snuggle after he’s had LOTS of fetch. He does like to get up and put his paws on you, so a little training there would help – although we all love those up close doggy kisses, don’t we? We believe Capone may have been bought for hunting and not had much interaction with a family, because he seems to be a little afraid of young children. So, Capone’s perfect family will be adults and older children. Loud noises sometimes make him a little nervous, so he may not make a perfect hunter, but we are guessing he will let you know where the lizards, bunnies, and spare balls are in your yard!

Capone does just fine around other dogs, but would much rather fetch than play with the dogs. He doesn’t seem to mind sharing the toys and balls, just as long as there is one for him! Did we mention he likes to fetch? As with many young GSPs, he pulls on the leash and needs some work there. With lots of exercise, he is much easier to train, and willing to learn. He does not climb or jump fences, but he is an “opportunist” – checking for weaknesses in the fence, gate, etc., so he wouldn’t be good to leave outside when you are gone, unless you have a very secure yard. Mr. Capone is good in a crate, though, so if you aren’t leaving home for too long, that could be a good way to keep him safe.

If you have room in your heart and time for exercise and training, Capone could be your dog!  Please APPLY HERE


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