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Meet Chaco!

Chaco is a very handsome 6 year old neutered male German Shorthaired Pointer. He was found as a stray and his owners were not able to be found. When he was found, he had some calluses on his elbows, as if he may have been an outside dog. We don’t believe he is housebroken. We tell all of our adopters they should plan on some housebreaking of any dog, but particularly a stray since we don’t have his history. Housebreaking an adult dog is generally only a few days of taking him out on a regular basis, praising for potty, and giving him a way to tell you he wants out (or a dog door). They are easier to housebreak because they can “hold it” – unlike a puppy.

We have found Chaco to be an opportunist, and can pop a latch on the gates, so we keep a carabiner type clip on the gates. This keeps him from escaping.  He is not a fence jumper and we have not seen him try to dig under either – just able to flip latches!

Chaco has been very submissive and sweet with people and usually rolls over for belly rubs when you take him out of his enclosure. He loves attention and is a really mellow dog – especially for a GSP!

Chaco loves his walks! He does pull pretty hard on a leash at the beginning of his walks. Once exercised, he’s a bit better, but needs some work. A harness where you can attach the leash to the side or front rather than the back would probably work really well for him.

Chaco has a little quirk about walking – sometimes. When he gets to the end of the path, he sometimes sits down and doesn’t want to turn around and go back . Sometimes, he doesn’t want to get started on the walk – like he’s happy to lounge in his dog house.

He is a little overweight, and could use more exercise. Most dogs love routine, and once he has a regular routine of walking/jogging or running, he should “get with the program” – I would ease into it, however. A 2 year old GSP is going to run like mad – but won’t be nice and mellow like Chaco.

We have had Chaco around other dogs, and he is sometimes uncomfortable – but not aggressive. It’s like he doesn’t know what to do with them and wants to get away. He’s been on many walks around other dogs and has been okay. He’s just not going to want to play with another dog – at least not that we’ve seen.

So, in summary, Chaco is probably close to 6.
He can open gate latches if they aren’t locked
He is very sweet and submissive with people.
Loves belly rubs.
He really likes the water in our pool (which is a livestock tub)
Pulls on a leash at the beginning of a walk- needs work and a harness
May need to be housebroken
Although okay walking near other dogs, we don’t think he’s been well-socialized and won’t want to play with other dogs.

Chaco is available for adoption! If you have room in your home and your heart for Chaco, and feel you could be a good fit for him, please apply here.

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