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Meet Cheyenne!

Cheyenne GSP Hound Mix AdultCheyenne is a 6 year old liver and white ticked beautiful female German Shorthaired Pointer mix.  Cheyenne is a very sweet girl, quite gentle, good with people, and good with other dogs in the field.

Cheyenne showed up at a local shelter last month as a stray and we were notified a short time later by several animal lovers that monitor their nearby shelters. Knowing she would be held the mandatory five days, we attempted to get as much information as we could about her. Giving her age, we weren’t confident she would be adopted once made available to the public. Not that she is old, she’s an adult, but most visitors tend to pay more attention to the younger and smaller dogs and little to adult and senior dogs.

When we met Cheyenne, we were immediately smitten with her.  She is beautiful, extremely smart, and just as sweet as they come.  We are scratching our heads as to how this amazing girl wound up in a shelter and no one claimed her.

Cheyenne would do well in a home with other dogs, and we have found that with some work, she may even be able to live with a cat.  Cheyenne is still very active, and would need plenty of daily exercise and continued training in order for her to thrive in her environment.

If you would like to learn more about Cheyenne, please apply here.

Take a look here to see Cheyenne’s journey to rescue and what she did when she left the shelter.


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