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Meet Clyde!

Clyde is a stunning white and liver young male German Shorthaired Pointer. He is approximately 2-3 years old and is as sweet as they come!! He is very affectionate with his people, gets along well with other dogs after a proper introduction as Clyde does not rush into “being friends.”

Clyde was picked up as a stray, and after no one claimed him (how can this be??) California GSP Rescue was there to bring him to safety.

Clyde loves to go for walks and is good on a leash. Better yet, this boy loves to run, and would make an excellent running partner. Clyde would make a wonderful addition to an active family. However, Clyde does have a secret. He can jump a 6 foot fence, and he will!!! Clyde is known to be an opportunist, therefore he needs to be confined when left alone, and supervised when in the yard. He will need a home with a tall fence that he will be unable to jump. We don’t know if he always did this or just when he is bored, but this is another reason to give this boy plenty of exercise to poop him out!

Clyde is just sweet sweet sweet, not to mention quite the looker!! If you are looking for a great companion for your active lifestyle, and feel you are able to give Clyde plenty of exercise, training, lots of love, and to make him part of your family, we invite you to complete an application to learn more about how you can meet Clyde! He is quite the love bug, and we think you will be hooked!

If you are interested in adopting a young dog like Tucker, we recommend a few visits to the rescue to educate yourselves about the breed, and interacting with the young dogs, walking them, and playing with them. At these visits, you will be able to speak with our volunteers who can answer any questions and address concerns you may have about a particular dog you are interested in. These visits are by appointment only after you have completed an application. Please ask your adoption counselor how to set up a visit!

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