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Meet Coco & Spotto!

Coco Spotto Senior German Shorthaired PointersCoco and Spotto have lived their entire lives together. When volunteers Tiffany and Brett went to get more information from the person giving up their dogs, they were met by a man holding two ropes as makeshift leashes that stated “Thank you very much for coming and taking them. If you don’t want to take them, I’m taking them to the shelter.” He went on to tell them they were purchased as gifts for their grandchildren who had long since lost interest in them. For almost 10 years, Coco and Spotto spent their days in kennels and were let out a few times a week to run the property. While they both lacked attention, they love giving and receiving attention. 

Coco is a 11 year old active purebred female GSP. She has gotten along well with all other dogs although she is more interested in exploring with her sister Spotto. While she doesn’t engage other dogs to play, she has been tolerant of the younger more playful dogs. She passed her cat test and might be a candidate for someone with a cat, however, her sister Spotto, didn’t do so well. The concern is that Coco might mirror her sister’s interest if they encounter a cat while together. Since Coco has never been allowed in the house, we are fairly certain she isn’t house trained, however, she is responsive and displays behavior that she could easily be house trained. She is learning some commands (“sit”) but is much more interested in exploring and getting attention. Coco is never far from her sister Spotto.

Spotto is a 11 year old active purebred female GSP. She, like her sister, has gotten along incredibly well with all the dogs she has met but doesn’t appear interested in playing with them. When initially introduced to a cat, she didn’t seem too interested, however, when she realized the cat was a small furry animal that moved, her interest increased. Spotto has displayed behavior that leads us to believe she would be easy to house train. She is responsive and was quick to learn “sit” to get a treat. While Spotto will venture off to explore, she is never far from her sister Coco.

It is the goal of California GSP Rescue to place Coco and Spotto together, however, we need your help. Finding homes for senior GSPs can be a challenge as is finding homes for two dogs (of any age). Please share this post and help us find a forever home for both Coco and Spotto. If you are interested in sponsoring the sisters, please consider becoming a Rescue Hero

If you are interested in adding double the love to your family, and giving Spotto and Coco a home together, please apply here

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