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Meet Cruiser!

Cruiser is a gorgeous 2 1/2 year old female German Shorthaired Pointer.

Occasionally families reach out to the rescue for help in re-homing a current dog, for one reason or another. Sadly, Cruiser is one of those dogs. She was owned by an older gentleman that was not able to provide her with the attention, exercise and training that she needed. The daughter of the gentleman reached out to us asking for help. Although the daughter was often there to help with walks and hike and ball throwing, she knew that it wasn’t enough for Cruiser.

Cruiser will be 3 years old in March. She is a beautiful GSP. White, with large brown patches. She is on the larger side, quite tall and has a long tail. Cruiser has not been given the foundation she needs with proper training, and will definitely need someone who is willing to train her properly, and give her the attention and exercise that a young GSP needs.

Cruiser always wants to be around people for company. She is a great partner for playing games. She is aware of her environment. She is a good running and hiking partner. She is very smart, and would be a fantastic working dog. She loves water. She is food motivated by almost every kind of treat, so training her with a reward of a treat should be easy for someone experienced with this. She adores toys with a squeaker, chasing after a ball, playing tug-o-war, finding holl-e-rollers or kongs in the yard.

Cruiser needs a special home with someone that is looking for her type of personality, and can provide the activity that she needs. A home that has the time to be able to set up enrichment activities for her, or give her a job that will keep up with her stimulation. Someone that can re-direct her energy, as she will jump up when she gets overly excited, and being on the large side, she’ll knock you over, as some of the smaller volunteers can attest to. She does like to pull on the leash, but we have observed that once you correct her, and make it more like a fun job for her, the pulling subsides.

Cruiser needs work with socialization with other dogs, as, again, with her size and age, she often jumps on other dogs, as well and can be overwhelming. She can be in the field with dogs, but will need to be supervised and managed with positive corrections to keep her from playing too rough with other dogs. In the right home and with the right owner, who will be committed to train Cruiser and keep her in check Cruiser should be able to thrive in her new environment.

Because of Cruiser’s abundance of energy and lack of training at this point, a home with young children is not recommended. She would also do best in a home without cats.

The volunteers say that Cruiser loves to play tug of war with the rope, and loves to play with the ball, but can get overly excited and jump. She knows some commands, such as “sit”, “come”, “down” and “let’s go”.

Could you be the home that could be Cruiser’s new family? Are you able to help this girl learn to be the dog she was meant to be with proper training, exercise, love and attention? If you are interested in learning more about Cruiser, the first step in the adoption process is to complete an application here.

If you are interested in adopting a young dog like Cruiser, we recommend a few visits to the rescue to educate yourselves about the breed, and interacting with the young dogs, walking them, and playing with them. At these visits, you will be able to speak with our volunteers who can answer any questions and address concerns you may have about a particular dog you are interested in. These visits are by appointment only after you have completed an application. Please ask your adoption counselor how to set up a visit!

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